ANIML SCI 298 - Animal Science Practica

The Department of Veterinary & Animal Sciences encourages students to pursue work outside the conventional classroom and to undertake independent academic work under the direction of a faculty member. Credits are graded and projects range from 1 to 6 credits and vary from library research on a topic to significant hands-on laboratory research projects. These experiences may include independent studies, practica and internships. NOTE: During their undergraduate career, students cannot take more than 15 credits total for combined courses numbered 298, 398 and 498Y. Internships may be conducted during a regular semester or summertime, but do not substitute for required University or Veterinary & Animal Sciences courses. Extensive experience with a variety of large and small animal species, and a summer's work (or equivalent) with a veterinary practitioner, are strongly recommended prior to application to veterinary school. Students may earn up to 12 credits for internships with credits determined by the nature, scope and duration of the proposed experience. Students sign up for ANIMLSCI 298, which is graded on a mandatory pass/fail basis if during the academic year and register through Continuing Education in the summer semester. Students may find internship possibilities on their own; seek help from advisors, other faculty and the Campus Career Network located at 511 Goodell. Some planning and coordination is required to set up a successful internship. Students may also pursue the Life Sciences Internship Challenge through the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. The Life Sciences Internship Challenge is a workforce development program focused on enhancing the talent pipeline for life sciences companies in Massachusetts.

Students should first identify an internship sponsor and  a faculty sponsor. The student and sponsoring faculty member discuss the project, the appropriate number of credits (1 credit=minimum 45 hours) and the required academic product to be produced. To enroll in this course submit an Internship Experience form in Handshake at


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