Jonghwa Lee

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


N429 Morrill I



Jonghwa Lee is a Post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. He earned his Master’s and Ph. D. degrees in Agricultural Biotechnology from the Seoul National University, South Korea. Since he joined Dr. Clark’s Lab in 2018, his research focuses on an analysis of environmental pollutants in various matrices (e.g. plant, water, soil). He is also working at the Massachusetts Pesticide Analysis Laboratory as an expert on pesticides residue analysis using GC and LC with mass spectrometry.

• Jonghwa L, Yongho S, Junghak L, Jiho L, Byung Joon K, and Jeong-Han K, “Simultaneous analysis of 310 pesticide multiresidues using UHPLC-MS/MS in brown rice, orange, and spinach”, Chemosphere, 207, p519-526, 2018

Jonghwa L, Yongho S, Junghak L, Jiho L, Eunhye K, and Jeong-Han K, “Sensitivity enhancement using a microbore column and pulsed pressure injection in the simultaneous analysis of 356 pesticide multiresidues by gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry”, App. Bio. Chem., 60(4), pp 385-390, 2017

Jonghwa L, Leesun K, Yongho S, Junghak L, Jiho L, Eunhye K, Joon-Kwan M, and Jeong-Han K, “Rapid and Simultaneous Analysis of 360 Pesticides in Brown Rice, Spinach, Orange, and Potato using Microbore GC-MS/MS”, J Agric and Food Chem, 2017, 65 (16), p 3387–3395, 2017