Emily M. Lopes

Graduate Student - MCB


ISB 465A



Emily M. Lopes received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Pace University, New York, in 2017. At Pace, she worked with Dr. Matthew Marcello to investigate different genes that potentially impact fertility, focusing on one gene M05D6.2, that may play a role in male infertility. In 2017, she was hired to work at Columbia University Medical Center in a translational immunology lab under Dr. Adam Griesemer. In Dr. Griesemer's lab she worked alongside research fellows to study the mechanism(s) of solid organ graft rejection with an emphasis on immunity. Currently, Emily is a member of the Fissore lab where her project revolves around investigating potential crosstalk between voltage gated and TRP family channels in oocytes. She will also work towards identifying novel channels on human oocytes. Emily has been awarded an NIH trainee fellowship through the Biotechnology Training Program at UMass Amherst.