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Current Student Veterans Information


To use your VA Benefits (CH30, CH31, CH33, CH35, CH1606):
Please complete the required Certification Request Form (CRF) before the start of each semester (enrollment period) to ensure that your enrollment is certified to the VA in a timely manner.
Please note: email required to access the form.
For issues with access to the CRF, please see below.


To use your MA National Guard Benefits (NGTW):
Please refer to the guidance, here.


To use Military Tuition Assistance (DoD TA):
Please contact your Education Service Office and request a Tuition Assistance authorization form. Once you receive the TA Form, please email a PDF copy to


New student Veterans

Welcome to University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The SVRC is full of opportunities to get to know current student Veterans, meet other incoming Veterans and ask questions ranging from Housing and Child Care services to GI Bill® and other benefits questions.  The University has a lot to offer and numerous services on campus.  The SVRC is here to assist as you navigate this new experience.


Meal discount for Veterans

The SVRC is pleased to announce that the SGA Secretary of Veterans Affairs has secured a 10% discount on meals at all campus dining locations (this does not include meal plans).
To qualify you must be present a DD-214 (with photo ID), active duty military ID, or a drivers license with a Veterans indicator at the time of purchase.


Parking discount for student Veterans 

The SVRC is pleased to announce that the SGA Secretary of Veterans Affairs has secured a 15% discount on full year parking permits for student Veterans.
To qualify you must be registered as an active student with a valid SPIRE I.D and present a DD-214 or active duty military ID at the time of purchase.  Please visit the following webpage for full details:
UMASS Veterans Parking Discount


If you have been called to active duty

If you are a current student called to active duty, contact the Dean of Students Main Office immediately. The student life support team will guide you through your choices in regard to withdrawing from your courses and on-campus housing (if applicable), receiving appropriate refunds, making contact with Financial Aid Services, and completing paperwork for external agencies.

Dean of Students Office
227 Whitmore Administration Building
(413) 545-2684


Certification Request Form access help

To access the Certification Request Form, you need to use your UMass credentials (UMass Email). The error message might be from an attempt to access the form using a personal email account (Non-UMass email). 
This usually occurs when you are signed into the Web browser(Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge/Safari), it will use those credentials to access the google forms.
To remedy this, you can use a web browser that isn’t signed in on a personal email.
Alternatively, an easier method is to open a web browser in "Incognito window" for Google Chrome, "InPrivate window" for Microsoft Edge, or "Private Browsing Mode" for Safari. Then try accessing the Form. You can proceed to log in from there.


Please note: ‘‘GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at"