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first year costs

making education affordable for you. 

Here are the estimated, average costs for a first year UMass UWW student taking two courses in the Fall and two in the Spring.  Although most students take two courses a semester to qualify for financial aid, you are welcome to take as few or as many as you want. You also have the option of taking additional winter and summer session courses. 

first semester

course 1 (4 credits@ $385 per credit) $1540
course 2 (4 credits@ $385 per credit)  $1540
application fee $75
enrollment fee $75
program/advising fee $150
registration fee $47
entering fee $135
special transcript evaluation fee  (if applicable)           $75
TOTAL $3637

second semester

course 1 (4 credits@ $385 per credit)  $1540
course 2 (3 credits@ $385 per credit)  $1155
cost for initial portfolio credits for experience awarded         $1185
program/advising fee $150
registration fee                              $47
TOTAL                                                         $4077

average first year costs