"I am very pleased with the excellent university education I'm getting. And it’s been affordable."

-UWW student

tuition and fees

get a great education. save time and money. 

The UMass University Without Walls (UWW) is committed to providing you with a great education and helping you save time and money. 

The cost to complete your degree through UMass UWW will depend on how many credits you already have, how many you need to graduate and how many you are awarded for your life and work experience and professional and military trainings and certifications. By offering a generous transfer credit policy and many creative and cost effective ways to earn credit, we are committed to helping you finish your degree as quickly as possible without unnecessary expense to you and your family.   

cost per credit for courses:

$390 per credit for undergraduate online courses (starting fall, 2020)

cost per semester: 

Your per semester cost will depend on how many classes you choose to take. You can take as few as one or as many as you want each semester, although most UMass UWW students take two courses in the Fall and two in the Spring so they can be eligible for federal financial aid. If you need to take a semester or longer off- no problem.  We understand life happens.  

credits earned for life and work experience

By awarding credit for life and work experience, UMass UWW acknowledges and respects your accomplishments, helps you accelerate the degree process and, as you can see here, saves you money. Learn more about getting credit for writing a prior learning portfolio.

prior learning portfolio credits

There is a flat fee of $1190 for any amount of UMass Amherst credits you earn for the prior learning portfolio you write. Earning credits this way costs a fraction of the cost of course credits. And what makes these credits extra valuable is that they are residence (UMass Amherst) credits. For example, if you earned 15 credits which is average, you would pay only $79 per credit. If you earned 30 credits, the cost per credit would be less than $40 per credit. Learn more about getting credit for your prior learning, and work & life experience

credits for trainings and certifications

If some of your past credits did not transfer in upon admission, or you have professional or military trainings and certifications that you would like to convert to academic credit, you and your advising team can request what's called a special transcript evaluation to determine if you can be awarded additional credits. There is a flat fee of $75 for all the transfer credits you earn this way. Learn more about getting credit for your professional trainings and certifications.


  • $150 Program/Advising fee: paid each fall and spring semester.
  • $47 Registration fee: paid at the beginning of each enrollment term (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).
  • $75 Special Transcript Evaluation fee (if applicable). You would pay this fee to have your trainings and certifications evaluated for academic credit. 
  • $135 Entering Fee (one time)
  • $75 Application Fee (one time) ~ $60 application fee for former UMass Amherst students. 
  • $75 Enrollment Fee (one time)