Four middle-aged college graduates in caps and gowns, smiling, clapping and pumping their fists in celebration at the UMass Amherst commencement.

"Whenever life throws a curve ball, go back to the basics and visualize why you applied to UMass Amherst UWW. You’re not alone in your struggle, so don’t give up."

Omar Infante, student & Army Sgt

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UMass Amherst has issued revised pass/fail guidelines as a response to the extraordinary... Learn More

Dear UWW students,

For nearly half a century, the University Without Walls has served a... Learn More

We are so disappointed to announce that due to the ongoing prohibition of large gatherings and... Learn More

As of Monday, March 23, registration for both summer sessions is now open! Review our... Learn More

Are you an English as an additional language learner in need of support with any aspect (... Learn More

Instead of earning a B.A. or B.S. in University Without Walls, UWW Degree Completion Program... Learn More

Tutoring is available through ThinkingStorm for the following spring online classes:

... Learn More

All R1 Exemption exams are now off-campus by proctor, and dates are now more flexible. ... Learn More

Office 365 Education, the Microsoft Office 365 suite, is available to UMass Amherst students at... Learn More


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There are four ways you can meet the R1 general education requirement. Learn more about R1.


There are three ways you can meet the College Writing (CW) general education requirement. Learn more about CW.



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CLEP exams test college-level learning in a variety of subject areas, offering an option for a less expensive and faster way to meet general education requirements, demonstrate independent learning and earn credit. You can even fulfill your R1 and CW requirements this way! Learn more about CLEP.
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Sometimes life happens and you need to take a break from school. We understand. Here’s how to take time off and how to return.