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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Requesting an Enrollment Appt in SPIRE

Before you can self-enroll in any UWW classes, you must have an Enrollment Appointment in SPIRE. This appointment represents the time period during which you will be able to enroll.

Below are detailed instructions on how to request an Enrollment Appointment once you have SPIRE access.

1) Log into SPIRE and navigate to Main Menu > Enrollment > Summer/Wtr/Non-deg Enroll Appt

2) Read through the instructions carefully and then click on the Term field to select the term in which you want to enroll.

3) Check the box indicating that you understand the charges and have accepted the refund policy then click on Request UWW Enrollment Appointment.

NOTE: Refund policy may be different than for campus classes.

4) Your appointment should now appear in the Active Enrollment Appointments box with the dates/times during which you can enroll.

5) Once you have your enrollment appointment, you can enroll in classes by navigating to Main Menu > Enrollment > Add Classes/Shopping Cart. For more information, please visit the Enroll in Classes Using Spire page.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.