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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Miriam Williford Scholarship Application

This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Miriam Williford, former University of Massachusetts Amherst Associate Provost for Continuing Education and Public Service, to continue her commitment to life-long learning and non-traditional students. The scholarship is intended to provide supplemental financial support to degree-seeking UMass Amherst University Without Walls students in good standing who can demonstrate a life-long history of active involvement in learning and non-traditional education.

How to apply. Submit this application form and then email supporting documentation to Completed applications must be received by the last Friday in April.

Supporting documentation:

  • Copy of previous year's Federal Income Tax form
  • Copy of all non-UMass Amherst academic transcript(s) - unofficial copies are acceptable

UWW students must be enrolled for the semester that this scholarship applies in order to be eligible for this one-time award. Awards are need-based and will be announced during the second week of May.

If your application is missing components it will not be considered.

Personal Statement: In 300-500 words, describe your life-long history of active involvement in learning and non-traditional education. You may include special circumstances or information you want the selection committee to consider that may distinguish you from other applicants. These may include but are not limited to: obstacles you have overcome, academic goals, interests and achievements, financial constraints, etc.

By clicking on Submit below, I understand:

  1. I understand that the information I disclose in this application will determine my eligibility.
  2. All materials are confidential, remain the property of the scholarship committee and cannot be returned.
  3. All materials must be submitted by the deadline. Late or incomplete materials will not be considered and the committee will not correspond with me regarding incomplete materials.
  4. If I do not complete the entire application process, I am not eligible for consideration.
  5. Awards are subject to the policies of the Miriam Williford Scholarship Fund.

I also certify that all information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. If requested, I agree to furnish proof of the information I submitted.