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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

David A Cole Scholarship Application

The David A. Cole Scholarship Fund was established by David Cole in 1983. Mr. Cole is a former continuing education student who changed careers after completing the Real Estate Certificate Program offered through University Without Walls.

This scholarship is available for students enrolled in primarily University+ based programs who are making career changes, demonstrate financial need, and are in good academic standing. Awards are made four times per year.

It is Mr. Cole's wish that students who receive scholarships be encouraged to replenish the fund established, once they are financially able.

How to Apply: Submit this application form and then email supporting documentation to

Supporting Documentation:

  • Copy of previous year's Federal Income Tax form

Review of applications takes place: May 6 for Summer, August 6 for Fall, December 6 for Winter and January 6 for Spring.

Decisions will be announced a week after the posted review date.

Supporting documentation must be received in order to be considered for this scholarship.

Personal Statement: In 300-500 words, describe what career change you are pursuing, your ultimate work goals and their relevance to the specific program or course for which you are requesting a scholarship.
Please state your reasons for applying for this scholarship (financial considerations will be one factor in determination of awards).

By clicking on Submit below, I understand:

  1. I understand that the information I disclose in this application will determine my eligibility.
  2. All materials are confidential, remain the property of the scholarship committee and cannot be returned.
  3. All materials must be submitted by the deadlines stated above. Late or incomplete materials will not be considered and the committee will not correspond with me regarding incomplete materials.
  4. If I do not complete the entire application process, I am not eligible for consideration.
  5. Awards are subject to the policies of the David A Cole Scholarship Fund.

I also certify that all information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. If requested, I agree to furnish proof of the information I submitted.