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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Apply to Hospitality & Tourism Management

Welcome!  We are excited you’ve decided to apply. 

The admission process differs depending on your current relationship with UWW and UMass Amherst. We put together the following guide to assist you.

Note: If you already have a Bachelor's degree, you are not eligible for admission to this program.


Which Form Do I Use?

All applicants should use the UWW Undergraduate Admissions Application with the exception of former UMass Amherst students who were matriculated and enrolled in classes as part of a UWW/CPE program. These students should use the UWW Undergraduate Reactivation Form instead.

NOTE: If you were matriculated into a UWW/CPE program but never enrolled in any classes, use the UWW Undergraduate Admissions Application.  

The Basics

Required Materials

What Happens After I Apply?

After we have received your application, we’ll give you access to our Applicant Center where you can check-in on the status of your application. Once all of your materials have been received, your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified of a decision by email within 4-6 weeks.