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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Programming for Aspiring Scientists: Python with Applications to Physics

The use of computers in today’s world has become nearly universal, whether you use them to Google the latest factoid, send an email, write a paper for school, or carry out a calculation. This 2-week course will give you a glimpse into how scientists use computers to solve problems.

We will begin by learning how to use Python, an open-source programming environment. Computers can only do what is asked of them, so scientists must write instructions for them. We will learn how to create these instructions, called algorithms, and translate them into Python code. And then we will learn how to visualize and fit data and apply this knowledge to a variety of examples, ranging from figuring out how the trajectory of a soccer ball is altered by air resistance, to modeling epidemics. No previous programming experience is assumed.

Open to rising high school sophomores – seniors. Those new to programming highly encouraged.    

Schedule: Online Live Sessions every Monday/Tuesday/Friday 1-3pm and Wednesday/Thursday 1-2pm (EDT)