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Kinesiology: Pathway to the Medical Professions

Many students desire a career that allows them to positively impact the lives of others. There are many avenues towards a career in medicine and the health sciences. The objective of this two week-long course is to highlight a path through the discipline of Kinesiology to a medical career, including research in physiology, metabolism, biomechanics, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, physical activity and neuroscience.

The format of the program contains short introductory lectures followed by several hands-on lab experiments that will provide student-centered team learning experiences. Some of the labs will be included in off-site locations where we can test different variables in the surrounding community.

You will:

  • Gain a working knowledge of muscles and bones
  • Explore your personal fitness levels through testing
  • Develop a personalized fitness plan
  • Gain an understanding of training and mobility techniques used by physical therapists, athletic trainers and occupational therapists.
  • Experience nutrition application for sport and performance
  • Understand the future pathway for education and career opportunities in the field of Kinesiology

Important Safety Information
Due to the physical activity involved in this program, students will be required to complete a medical health history and sign an additional “informed consent” form prior to attending this program. Participants under the age of 17 years old will need a parent signature for the informed consent.

This course is offered at the UMass Amherst campus as a residential program. Local students may apply to attend as a commuter.