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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Intro to Research in Psychological & Brain Sciences

Our 2-week online Intro to Research in Psychological & Brain Sciences program offers hands-on lab research experience in a shorter, 2-week format, under the guidance of advanced graduate student researchers. This program is ideal for students who are new to research or unable to make a 5-week commitment.

Experiment Design and Data Analysis in Psychology

We see claims about psychological studies all over the news and social media, but how do we know what to believe? During this course you will have first hand experience in interpreting, designing and running your very own psychological experiments. You will also learn how to program simple scripts in R to clean and process the data we obtain from these tasks. Finally, we will explore how to present your results to the general public by creating an infographic with plots that support your conclusions. These skills should help you to critically evaluate claims from psychological research you encounter in your daily life and give you a glimpse of the scientific process for human-based research.

Synchronous class sessions will include lectures, discussions, readings and small group work. Students will come away with an introduction to the field of psychology, direct experience with the research process, and an understanding of opportunities that exist for undergraduate students at a major R1 university such as UMass Amherst.

Open to high school students interested in psychology, data analysis, or scientific research. No prior experience necessary. 

Schedule: Synchronous sessions Monday - Friday 10:00am - 12:00pm (EST).