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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Wildlife Veterinary Medicine & Reproduction (FULL)

This course is designed to introduce high school students to the field of wildlife reproduction. Topics will include the impact of genetics, fertilization, and breeding on animal well-being and conservation efforts. Students will explore these topics both from a global perspective relating to national parks and game ranches and locally through visits to local New England zoos and aquariums. 

Through a combination of hands-on lab-activities, visits to with wildlife veterinarians, and online learning students will:

  • Learn what is expected of a wildlife veterinarian in the field.
  • Explore career opportunities and educational pathways. 
  • Learn about problems and policies associated with endangered species.
  • Explore issues of human-wildlife conflict including the impact of encroachment.
  • Discuss the impact of environmental change on wildlife reproduction.

This course is designed as a one-week in-person residency at the UMass Mount Ida Campus from June 25 - July 1 with a second week of online learning from July 3 - 7. Students should expect to be online for synchronous sessions from 9:30-10:45am (EST) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the second week (no sessions will be held on July 4th).

Students who are interested in conservation efforts, veterinary medicine, pathology, toxicology, pharmacology, and bio-statistics are encouraged to apply. A grounding in basic biology is essential and previous coursework in anatomy and physiology is recommended. 

The in-person portion of this course is offered at the UMass Mount Ida Campus with commuter and residential options available.