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Veterinary Technology

The Veterinary Technology Summer Pre-College program invites rising junior and senior high school students to work with faculty from the UMass Veterinary Technology Program to discover various aspects of the Veterinary profession and the role of the veterinary technician within the larger context of veterinary medicine and animal care.

This hands-on 2-week course will be delivered as follows: 

In week 1 (Section 1), students will receive an introduction to the world of the veterinary technician and career options available within the profession, learn to use appropriate medical terminology, study basic animal anatomy and physiology through guided dissection, and discuss normal behaviors and behavioral concerns of domestic animals.

In week 2 (Section 2), students will consider the different breeds of domestic animal species, examine companion animal diseases and their prevention, study common animal parasites and their control, explore handling, husbandry and diseases of Large Animal species, and investigate the production and clinical uses of X-rays, radiographs, and other forms of diagnostic imaging.

Your time on campus will include hands on skills practice in the exam room, radiology suite, microscopy lab and on the UMass Hadley farm. 

Each lesson module is taught by faculty in the UMass Veterinary Technology program. Students will have guided dissection practice, learn appropriate use of microscope and veterinary clinical laboratory techniques, field trips including a trip to the UMass Hadley farm for large animal handling. 

This course is offered at the UMass Mt. Ida campus with commuter and residential options available.