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sample online translation and interpreting courses

Here is a list of online translation and interpreting courses offered by UMass Amherst in the past three years. This will give you an idea of the types of online courses you would have the opportunity to choose from. As with all colleges and universities, online courses come and go, and this list is subject to change.

Depending on how you craft your concentration in translation and interpreting, there may be online courses offered through other academic departments you’ll want to take to support your degree concentration, depending on the type of professional translation or interpreting work you'll be doing.

For example, if you're a health care interpreter, you may want to take some public health courses. If you'll be doing legal interpreting, you might want to take some legal studies or criminal justice courses. Working for global business or government? Perhaps classes in international issues and culture would help. We've added some possible courses to choose from below to give you a sense of how flexible and individualized it can be. 

LLC 401 Introduction to Translation
LLC 402 Fundamentals of Interpreting
LLC 501 Translation and Interpreting Ethics and Standards
LLC 502 Interpreting Skills Development
LLC 510 Legal Interpreting
LLC 511 Interpreting in Mental Health
LLC 512 Simultaneous Interpreting
COMP-LIT 551 Translation & Technology
LLC 552 Medical Interpreting
PORTUG 357 Translating & Interpreting for Portuguese-Speaking Communities
ANTHRO 104 Culture, Society and People
ANTHRO 105 Language, Culture and Communication
ANTHRO 106 Culture Through Film
ANTHRO 234 Art in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
ANTHRO 312 Medical Anthropology
COMM  118 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication and Culture
COMM 212 Cultural Codes in Communication
ECON 366 Economic Development 
ECON 397RW Real World Economics
EDUC 115 Embracing Diversity
EDUC 210 Social Diversity in Education
EDUC 229 International Education
EDUC 377 Introduction to Multicultural Education
FINANCE 405 International Finance
GEOGRAPH 102 Diversity, Globalization, and Sustainability: Introduction to Human Geography
HPP 583 Global Health in the Developing World
HPP 614 International Health Population and Development
HPP 644 International Organizations & Population Health
SCH-MGMT 310 Management Communications
SCH-MGMT 391A Introduction to Global Business
JOURNAL 310 Going Global: International Journalism
LLC 320 Foundations of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
LEGAL 250 Intro to Legal Studies
LEGAL 297R  Gender, Law, and Politics
LEGAL 397RE Law and Politics of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. 
LINGUIST 101 People and their Language
LINGUIST 201 How Language Works: Introduction to Linguistic Theory
LINGUIST 297A Arguing About Language
LINGUIST 330 The Structure of English and Language Teaching
NUTRITN 575 Culture, Nutrition and Health
NUTRITN 578 International Nutrition
PHIL 163 Business Ethics
PHIL 164 Medical Ethics
POLISCI 121 World Politics
POLISCI 252 Globalization, Governance & World Order
POLISCI 338 Nationalism, Ethnicity & Identity in Politics
POLISCI 340 Latin American Politics
POLISCI 359 International Political Economy
POLISCI 388 Corporate Lobbying and Global Economy
POLISCI 391PS Peace and Security from Preventative Diplomacy to Humanitarian Interventions
POLISCI 394Z Russian Foreign Policy
POLISCI  397DN Diplomacy and International Negotiations
PSYCH 391MC Multicultural Psychology: Intersections of Race, Class and Gender
PUBHLTH 200 Introduction to Public Health
PUBHLTH 302 Community Development and Health Education 
PUBHLTH 372 Maternal and Child Health in the Developing World
SOCIOL 244 Sociology of Immigration
SOCIOL 322 Sociology of Education
SOCIOL 323 Sociology of Law
SOCIOL 328 Introduction to Social Work
SOCIOL 353 Sociology of Medicine
SOCIOL 364 Sociology of Mental Health
SOCIOL 395K Domestic Violence
WGSS 205 Feminist Health Politics