UWW featured in El Pueblo Latino

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

UWW student Claudia Hernandez, UWW Marketing and Recruitment Manager Melanie DeSilva, and UWW's Chief Academic Advisor Karen Stevens were interviewed for an article about the increase in Latino students returning to Massachusetts colleges and universities that was published in today's edition of the Spanish language newspaper El Pueblo Latino.  

Here is an excerpt from the article, entitled, Latino students and adults enrolling in colleges and universities in Massachusetts:

"Claudia Hernandez, a Chilean student of the University Without Walls, is an example of students who returned to school after having families and full-time careers. Hernandez, a mother of three who ran a home daycare program, now receiving a BA with a focus in early childhood education.

'For my University Without Walls has given me the ability to fulfill one of my greatest desires to receive a diploma,' Hernandez said. 'I always wanted to go to college but to marry, have children and move to the United States made it difficult.'

For Hernandez, a diploma is not only important, it will allow you to advance your career, but also because it shows your children that anything is possible. 'I can show my children that they can achieve anything if they work hard enough and never give up,' she said. 'They can be proud of their mom.'"


Story photo: Elsie Rodriguez-Garcia, Admissions Counselor at Springfield Technical Community College, watching a program with student Ana Quiles, of Easthampton, in his office. Photo by Mark M. Murray | The Republican