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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Tutoring Options for Fall 2020

Aug 24, 2020

Tutoring is available through ThinkingStorm for the following fall online classes:

ACCOUNTG 221 - Principles of Financial Accounting
ACCOUNTG 331 - Cost Accounting
ASTRON 100 - Exploring the Universe [fulfills PS gen-ed]
ASTRON 105 - Weather & Our Atmosphere [fulfills PS gen-ed]
FINANCE 301 - Corporation Finance
GEOGRAPH 110 - Global Environment Change [fulfills PS gen-ed]
MATH 113 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I [fulfills R1 & R2 gen-eds]
MATH 127 - Calculus for the Life & Social Sciences I [fulfills R1 & R2 gen-eds]
OIM 210 - Introduction to Business Information Systems
OIM 240 - Business Data Analysis
PHIL 105 - Practical Reasoning [fulfills R2 gen-ed]
RES-ECON 212 - Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences [fulfills R1 & R2 gen-eds]
SCH-MGMT 310 - Management Communications
STATISTC 240 - Intro to Statistics [fulfills R1 & R2 gen-eds]

ThinkingStorm is integrated into Blackboard and free for UWW students. To get started, click on the "Online Tutoring" link at the bottom left of the course page.

You can contact @email or 413-545-5137 if you have problems accessing tutoring. You can contact @email or 877-889-5996 with questions about the tutoring itself.