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Exciting Courses for Degree Planning

Feb 08, 2024

As you browse the wide selection of online courses available for degree planning, here are some exciting UWW Interdisciplinary Studies upper-level courses and some brand-new offerings from around the university to consider. 

Featured New Course (Offered Summer 2024)

UWW 391P Seminar- Podcasting Narrative Production

"Combining the disciplines of rhetoric, media literacy and digital editing, podcasting has become a compelling and accessible media that is used to reach audiences in business, education, health, human services, politics, social justice, marketing, and a variety of other fields. This course aims to provide students with both the narrative writing and technical skills needed to create and produce effective podcasts. In addition to hands-on technical training that will help students to produce their own podcast episode, students will learn about the importance of narrative structure, editing skills, focusing their topic, effects of sound, and engaging an audience as it applies to the art and craft of podcasting."

UWW Interdisciplinary Studies Upper-Level Courses 

UWW 301 Pro-Social Behavior Development in Children
UWW 302 Moral Challenges in Business
UWW 304 Introduction to Counseling
UWW 361 Introduction to Deaf Studies
UWW 362 Contemporary Issues in Human Services
UWW 363 Perspectives on Social Justice and Advocacy
(fulfills SB & DU Gen Ed requirements)
UWW 375 Sexual Violence: Multidisciplinary & Anti-Oppression Approaches
(fulfills SB & DU Gen Ed requirements)
UWW 377 Child Abuse & Neglect: Multidisciplinary Approaches
UWW 391P Seminar- Podcasting Narrative Production

New Online Courses

ENGLISH 355 Creative Writing Fiction
FILM-ST 390STB Introduction to Screenwriting
HISTORY 116 History of Japan
(fulfills HS & DG Gen Ed requirements)
LLC 590E Emotions in Translation and Interpreting
MARKETNG 410 Consumer Behavior
MARKETNG 422 Advertising and Promotional Strategy
MARKETNG 437 International Marketing
M&I-ENG 550 Vehicle Automation
PSYCH 391MT Seminar- Multicultural Perspectives on Mental Health
PSYCH 391TS Seminar- Topics in Cognitive Science
REGIONPL 590X Case Studies in Urban and Rural Climate Adaptation
SPP 590STC Topics in Disability Policy
STATISTC 315 Statistics I
UWW 391P Seminar- Podcasting Narrative Production
WGSS 250 Intro to Sexuality and Trans Studies: Movements
for Justice in the Contemporary World
(fulfills SB & DG Gen Ed requirements)