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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Exciting Courses for Degree Planning

Feb 18, 2021

As you browse the wide selection of online courses available for degree planning, here are some exciting UWW special topics courses and brand-new offerings from around the university to consider.

UWW Special Topics Courses 

UWW TBA ST – Introduction to Deaf Studies (final title TBD)- offered Fall 2021
UWW 301 Pro-Social Behavior Development in Children
UWW 302 Moral Challenges in Business
UWW 377 Child Abuse & Neglect: Multidisciplinary Approaches
UWW 391C Seminar- Introduction to Counseling
UWW 397C ST-Contemporary Issues in Human Services
UWW 397D ST-Disabilities & Public Policy
UWW 397S Special Topics- Perspectives on Social Justice and Advocacy
UWW 397SV Sexual Violence
UWW 397U  Special Topics- Observing & Assessing Children's Behavior
UWW 397V  Special Topics- Documenting Experiential Learning:
Theory & Practice of Digital Narrative Production
UWW 397W  Special Topics- Digital Presentations for Teaching & Training

Selected New Courses

ARTS-EXT 390D Creative Community Leadership
BCT 550 Construction Scheduling and Project Control
COMM 271 Humor in Society (fulfills SB Gen Ed)
COMM-DIS 214 Introduction to Hearing Science
EDUC 397D Special Topics- Disability Advocacy and Its History
EDUC 510 Teacher Mid/Hs Cls
EDUC 529 Foundations of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
EDUC 532 Behavior Analysis in Applied Settings: Theory, Research and Practice
EDUC 571 Psych In the Classroom
FILM-ST 497FL Special Topics- F. Fellini: The Liar
GEOGRAPH 497A  Special Topics- Geocomputation
LLC 322 Teaching ESL Writing
LLC 511 Interpreting in Mental Health
NRC 310 Community Forestry
NRC 397X Special Topics- Sensible Pruning for Beginners & Experts
SOCIOL 297D  Special Topics- Crime, Race & Gender
STOCKSCH   350 Sustainable Soil and Crop Management
STOCKSCH 566 Soil Formation, Classification and Land Use
STOCKSCH 580 Soil Fertility
STOCKSCH 587 Phyto/Bioremediation