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Selfie with Samantha and her daughter smiling indoors, both in UMass sweatshirts
Humans of UWW: Meet Samantha Fried
Thirty-eight-year-old Samantha Fried '21 is a learning support specialist and mother.
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Carol stands indoors with her coworker in front of a window reading Eagle Brook. They are behind a display of candles and flowers
Humans of UWW: Meet Carol McShane
Eighty-one-year-old Carol McShane '11 is a First Generation college graduate and longtime hospice volunteer.
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Robert stands and smiles with large sunglasses perched atop his hat. Behind him are people and a sign saying 10 cents admit one
Humans of UWW: Meet Robert Dwyer
Seventy-year-old First Generation college student Robert Dwyer has returned to finish his degree fifty years later.
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UWW Alumnae Appointed to Alumni Association Board of Directors
Sutherland '03 and Sorrell '21 are the first two UWW graduates to serve as
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50 years of access and innovation
Meet Scholarship Winner Kayla Hitchcock
Thirty-one-year-old First Generation college student and mother of three
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Kayla stands and smiles in a kitchen with her three children
Meet Scholarship Winner Kunthea Chan Roeum
Twenty-seven-year-old First Generation college student Kunthea Chan Roeum
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Kunthea stands on a path with flowers on each side and smiles. She has a purple floral dress
Humans of UWW: Meet Lindsey St. Amour
Forty-one-year-old First Generation graduate Lindsey St. Amour '22 recently
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Lindsey St. Amour smiling in front of a fire
Humans of UWW: Meet Kevin Hill
Fifty-four-year-old First Generation graduate Kevin Hill '22 recently spoke
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Kevin and his husband Matthew stand and smile indoors. Kevin is wearing a cap and gown, honors cord, medal, and white stole with a rainbow and the word Pride
Meet UWW's 2022 Student Commencement Speakers
We are proud to introduce you to the 2022 UWW Interdisciplinary Studies
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Kevin Hill wearing a blue plaid jacket and blue paisley bow tie, and a flower on his lapel.