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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Humans of UWW: Meet Lindsey St. Amour

May 23, 2022

University Without Walls Interdisciplinary Studies 2022 student commencement speaker Lindsey St. Amour is a sales representative for Mondelez International, overseeing $3 million in sales of Nabisco products to supermarkets and big box stores. Hailing from Fall River, Massachusetts, this forty-one-year-old single mother is celebrating earning her degree with honors in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in environmental sustainability in business. While her father has an associate degree, she is a First Generation bachelor's degree graduate.

Every adult student has a story. What’s your story?

My story is probably familiar to many adults who return to finish their degrees. My last semester at UMass, I had two of my roommates move out of the apartment we shared with another student while I was on vacation in Florida with my family. I failed that entire semester. I was offered a sales rep position with Nabisco that summer, and I took it. I have had many routes, persevered through multiple rounds of layoffs, and finally decided to try to get promoted. Not having a degree was thwarting that. I had my daughter in 2015, and things didn't work out with her father, so we moved to an apartment, got two cats, and two fish. When she was starting kindergarten, I knew she would understand that I had my own schoolwork to do if I came back to school. She has been extremely understanding, but is excited to be able to play Transformers again when I graduate.

What are your plans for after graduation, professionally and personally?

Professionally, I hope to be promoted to a position where I can thrive and continue my career with my current company. Personally, I would like to take Fiona on a vacation, and my next major life goal is buying a house.

What's been your biggest challenge?

I chose this question because honestly, the biggest challenge is deadlines. I have a very busy, hectic life, as does everyone, and sometimes it was so challenging to meet deadlines. I am so thankful that my professors have been fabulous about turning assignments in a little late! I would also like to give some advice to others who may be on the fence about finishing your degree with UWW. From the advisors to the professors, everyone is here to support you to achieve success. The cost is manageable, and there are plenty of classes from which to choose. I feel prouder of myself than I had anticipated, and am fairly certain that attaining this dream is one of my best achievements in life. It was hard, but it was doable. Time passes; you may as well make use of it.


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