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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Exciting Courses for Degree Planning

May 26, 2022

As you browse the wide selection of online courses available for degree planning, here are some exciting UWW Interdisciplinary Studies special topics courses and brand-new offerings from around the university to consider.

UWW Interdisciplinary Studies Special Topics Courses 

UWW 301 Pro-Social Behavior Development in Children
UWW 302 Moral Challenges in Business
UWW 375 Sexual Violence: Multidisciplinary & Anti-Oppression Approaches
UWW 377 Child Abuse & Neglect: Multidisciplinary Approaches
UWW 391C Seminar- Introduction to Counseling
UWW 397C ST-Contemporary Issues in Human Services
UWW 397D ST-Disabilities & Public Policy
UWW 397P ST- Introduction to Deaf Studies
UWW 397S Special Topics- Perspectives on Social Justice and Advocacy
UWW 397W  Special Topics- Digital Presentations for Teaching & Training

New Online Courses

ARCH 597R Special Topics- Intro to Revit
BIOLOGY 280 Evolution: Diversity of Life through Time
BCT 320 Introduction to CAD & BIM in Construction & Architecture
BCT 420 Designing with 3D CAD and BIM
MANAGMNT 390L Labor and Employment Law for Human Resources
SCH-MGMT 201 Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion in Business
MARKETNG 497J Special Topics- Film Marketing (meets with FILM-ST 497MK)
COMM 360 Music, Culture, and the Moving Image (fulfills SB & DU Gen Ed requirements; same as FILM-ST 360)
COMM 491X S-Social Media & Political Communication
COMM 494LI The Social Life of Algorithms
COMPSCI 311 Introduction to Algorithms
COMPSCI 326 Web Programming
COMPSCI 377 Operating Systems
COMPSCI 453 Computer Networks
COMPSCI 563 Internet Law and Policy
EDUC 190E Ethnic Studies and Education (fulfills SB & DU Gen Ed requirements)
EDUC 425 Classroom Assessment
CE-ENGIN 310 Transportation
M&I-ENGIN 597AS Special Topics- Introduction to Analytics and Statistical Learning
ESL 126 Vocabulary & Comprehension of Academic English
FILM-ST 360 Music, Culture, and the Moving Image (fulfills SB & DU Gen Ed requirements; same as COMM 360)
FILM-ST 397WR Special Topics- Writers Room Workshop: Original TV Series Immersion
FILM-ST 497MK Special Topics- Film Marketing (meets with MARKETNG 497J)
GERMAN 270 From The Grimms To Disney (fulfills AL & DG Gen Ed requirements)
HISTORY 161 History of Africa since 1500 (fulfills HS & DG Gen Ed requirements)
HISTORY 290F History of American Gridiron Football (fulfills HS Gen Ed requirement)
ITALIAN 597X Special Topics- Multicultural Literatures: Italian Writers in the New Millennium (taught in Italian)
JAPANESE 110 Non-Intensive Elementary Japanese I
KIN 460 Movement Neuroscience
KOREAN 115 Beginning Korean I
KOREAN 125 Beginning Korean II
LLC 323 Technology for TESOL
LATIN 120 Elementary Latin II
LATIN 240 Intermediate Latin II
MATH 534H Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
NRC 126 Insects & Human Society (fulfills BS Gen Ed requirement)
POLISCI 397SR Special Topics- Sports and International Relations
PSYCH 391EP Seminar- Emotion Regulation and Psychopathology
RES-ECON 102 Introduction to Resource Economics (fulfills SB Gen Ed requirement)
STPEC 190X American Nightmare: Police Killings and Incarceration in the United States (fulfills SB & DU Gen Ed requirements)
SUSTCOMM 297L Special Topics- Visual Communication: Design Principles & Digital Skills
WGSS 275 Literature & Social Justice: Gender, Race, and the Radical Imagination (fulfills AL & DU Gen Ed requirements)