degree planning workshop huge success!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Over 40 UWW students descended on the main library at UMass Amherst on Sunday to work on their degree plans with the help of UWW faculty advisors. "Faculty advisors teach degree planning in our online and blended courses, but we decided this year to also offer students who could drive to campus an optional in-person degree planning workshop," stated UWW faculty member Abby Dallmann. "It was really fun to meet students after interacting with them in the online environment." Degree planning takes place in the first semester. During degree planning, UWW students work with their advisors to map out a path to graduation. This process includes deciding what you want your program of study or "concentration" to be, what courses you'll want or need to take, and what other options for earning credit you might want to take advantage of: credit for life and work experience, credit for professional and military trainings, independent studies, CLEP exams, etc.