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Lifelong Learner Juniper Institute
Tutoring Options for Spring 2023
Tutoring is available for a variety of spring online courses.
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John smiles while standing in front of a house. On his back is a red backpack with a Corgi poking its head out.
Humans of UWW: Meet John Simbajon
Thirty-eight-year-old John Simbajon '21 is a father, veteran, and passport specialist.
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Jennifer smiles facing the camera. She has a striped shirt, a necklace, and long salt and pepper hair
Meet Scholarship Winner Jennifer Quintana
Thirty-eight-year-old First Generation college student and single mother Jennifer Quintana has been awarded a UWW scholarship.
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Winter Session Classes from a Student's View
Read a student's perspective on why you should take a Winter Session class
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Blue background with snow covered mountains
Meet Scholarship Winner Joshua Mauro
Forty-five-year-old First Generation college student and father Joshua
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Joshua faces the camera. He has a patterned flat cap and sweater, glasses, and a large beard
Meet Scholarship Winner Daisy Ash
Twenty-nine-year-old First Generation college student Daisy Ash has been
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Daisy stands outside and smiles facing the camera. She has brown hair and earrings
Meet Scholarship Winner Ariana Del Monaco
Thirty-two-year-old Ariana Del Monaco is a First Generation college student
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Ariana smiles and takes a selfie in her kitchen. She has black curly hair and a black shirt
Meet Scholarship Winner Mariya-Yeva Tsapenko
Thirty-year-old interdisciplinary studies student Mariya-Yeva Tsapenko was
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Mariya-Yeva stands outside at dusk and smiles with buildings behind her. She has a floral top
Humans of UWW: Meet Samantha Fried
Thirty-eight-year-old Samantha Fried '21 is a learning support specialist
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Selfie with Samantha and her daughter smiling indoors, both in UMass sweatshirts