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"I took 2 courses the first time out, & I managed to get A's in both. That was very validating. It's not just the young kids who can do this. I could do it too."

-UWW alum

degree requirements

As a UWW student, here's what you will need to do to graduate with your bachelor's degree from UMass Amherst. 

earn 120 credits.

Of the 120 credits needed to earn your bachelor's degree, up to 75 can be transfer credits and at least 45 need to be residence credits (earned through UMass Amherst). Keep in mind that the up to 30 credits you can earn for your portfolio (one of the ways you can earn credit for your work & life experience) count as residence credits

complete general education requirements.

As part of its mission to provide you with a well-rounded education, UMass Amherst requires that students fulfill general education requirements in a range of disciplines. You may have already completed some of these requirements at other schools.

complete UWW major requirements.

All of our students are required to take four UWW courses. These courses will help you accumulate UMass Amherst credits and fulfill general education requirements. It is here that you will build your degree plan, develop invaluable writing and critical thinking skills, and do the work necessary to earn credit for your work and life experience. Learn more about the four UWW courses.

Of the 120 credits needed to earn your bachelor's degree, at  least 45 need to be in your area of study (15 of those 45 credits need to be what are called "upper level" credits).  They can be transfer or residence credits- it doesn't matter. And the great thing is that these 45 credits do not have to just come from classes. They may also come from your portfolio and relevant professional and military trainings and certifications.  

maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average.