the past, present and future of uww

UWW at UMass Amherst was officially announced to the world on November 2, 1971 via a typed-written press release that came out of the news office located in the newly constructed Whitmore Administration Building. Started as a part of a national experiment, the University Without Walls project was a consortium of seventeen colleges and universities funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education to increase access to higher education for non-traditional student populations.

uww awards $8400 in scholarships

UWW awarded $8400 in scholarships to students to support their fall, 2014 studies. The spring, 2015 scholarship deadline is February 2. Scholarship winners are:

  • Jennifer Rogers: Jeffrey Taylor Scholarship Award- $1,250
  • Frances Idlebrook: Misty Bassi Scholarship Award-, $800
  • Mary McCarthy: Bonnie Lynn Scholarship Award- $800
  • Carmen Lescher: UWW Faculty Scholarship Award- $550

In addition, $1000 general scholarships were awarded to each of the following UWW students:

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