Interdisciplinary Exploratory Track

Find your major or design your own with the Interdisciplinary Exploratory Track for incoming first-year students.

Not sure what you want to major in at college? Interested in multiple disciplines and not sure how to choose? The Interdisciplinary Exploratory Track at UMass Amherst could be the right place for you.

The Interdisciplinary Exploratory Track is designed for incoming first-year students who either want to design their own major or would like some support on identifying the best existing major for their interests. This may be the best option for students whose interests are uniquely interdisciplinary and whose academic pursuits cannot be accommodated by existing majors that fall within a single school or college.

Exploratory Track students will work closely with an Academic Advisor who will assist with course selection and major exploration. Students will be encouraged to explore areas of interest across all schools and departments at UMass. If students find that their interests are unique and require an interdisciplinary approach, their advisor will help them transition to the Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration major (BDIC).

Fall Campus


A message from Associate Provost of Interdisciplinary Programs, Joseph Bartolomeo:

On my first day in college, I sat on the campus lawn with a bunch of strangers and listened to the president welcoming us and telling us, "The dream isn't the distraction; for the next four years it is the job." The words stuck with me over the years because they describe so powerfully what college can and should be.

As Interdisciplinary Exploratory Track students, you are embracing the opportunity to dream, to explore several areas of study - some familiar, others intriguingly new - in order to determine which path will best further your academic, professional, and personal growth and to choose, or create, a major accordingly.

This kind of dreaming might sound exhilarating (or perhaps a bit intimidating), but you won't have to do it on your own: our dedicated first-year seminar and academic advisors will guide you as you chart your unique course through UMass Amherst.

Welcome, and may your experience here be, in the words of Shakespeare, "such stuff as dreams are made on."