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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Advanced Programming

E&C-ENG 241

Data structures course using the Python programming language. Basic mathematical, logical, and programming concepts relevant to description and manipulation of information structures such as arrays, lists, trees, graphs, and files; the underlying principles of algorithm design and analysis applied to sorting and searching problems.
Course Details

Winter 2023


Univ+ Class with Moodle
Dec 21, 2022 - Feb 3, 2023
Eric Polizzi
Prerequisites: E&C-ENG 122
Base Cost: $1,485 ($495/credit)
Term Fee: $75
Start date: Dec 21, 2022
End date: Feb 03, 2023
Last day to add: Dec 29, 2022
Last day to drop: Dec 29, 2022
Last day to withdraw: Jan 18, 2023