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Power is a central feature of political life and one of the key concepts of political science. This course will examine the main approaches and controversies in the study of power. We will investigate how these approaches help us to better understand how power operates in the real world by engaging with various case studies, including: how power works in prisons, schools, at home, in local and global politics, in an Appalachian mining town, a small village in Malaysia, and in countless ways in every day life. (Gen. Ed. DG, SB)
Course Details

Winter 2021

Dec 7, 2020 - Jan 16, 2021
Angelica Bernal
Base Cost: $1,608 ($402/credit)
Term Fee: $47
Start date: Dec 07, 2020
End date: Jan 16, 2021
Last day to add: Dec 11, 2020
Last day to drop: Dec 11, 2020
Last day to withdraw: Dec 31, 2020