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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Lin Alg Appl Math

MATH 545

Basic concepts (over real or complex numbers): vector spaces, basis, dimension, linear transformations and matrices, change of basis, similarity. Study of a single linear operator: minimal and characteristic polynomial, eigenvalues, invariant subspaces, triangular form, Cayley-Hamilton theorem. Inner product spaces and special types of linear operators (over real or complex fields): orthogonal, unitary, self-adjoint, hermitian. Diagonalization of symmetric matrices, applications.
Course Details

Summer 2022


Jul 11, 2022 - Aug 19, 2022
Prerequisites: Math 233 and 235 with a grade of C or better, and either Math 300 or COMPSCI 250
Base Cost: $1,740 ($580/credit)
Term Fee: $60
Start date: Jul 11, 2022
End date: Aug 19, 2022
Last day to add: Jul 15, 2022
Last day to drop: Jul 15, 2022
Last day to withdraw: Aug 03, 2022
Course Notes

The Mathematics and Statistics department, in accordance with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, continues to promote the integrity and security of its courses. To further secure its courses, the department will require one proctored midterm and a proctored final exam in this course. Students who enroll in this online course will have to take the midterm and the final exam within the scheduled exam time frame.  Off-campus proctoring will require either a webcam or travel to an accredited testing center.  All proctoring arrangements must be in place and approved by the instructor and math department no later than the last day of add/drop for the course.

To receive a passing grade in the course, the average of all midterm and final exam scores must be at least a 50%.