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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Introduction to Translation

LLC 401

This course introduces students to translation history, theories, and practice. Coursework includes glossary development, applied translation strategies and techniques, translation of texts in different fields, reflection on translation performance, and exploration of different online and traditional research methods for source and target language terms. Course content also encompasses discussions of equivalence, linguistic and cultural considerations, an understanding of the translator as a social being, and translation as cultural mediation in a globalized world. By the end of the course, students will build a translation portfolio.
Course Details

Summer 2022


May 19, 2022 - Aug 19, 2022
Base Cost: $1,485 ($495/credit)
Term Fee: $60
Class Fee $70
Start date: May 19, 2022
End date: Aug 19, 2022
Last day to add: May 28, 2022
Last day to drop: May 28, 2022
Last day to withdraw: Jul 07, 2022