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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

S-Social Media & Public Relations


The roles and responsibilities of today's PR practitioners are expanding. PR Professionals must understand and embrace how to integrate social media communications with overall business communications, learn different ways to engage with customers and other stakeholders and navigate a changing media landscape with new technology that drives consumer news consumption. This course examines the role of today's communicators who are developing new strategic approaches to the practice of PR. Students will learn how to research and evaluate various types of 2.0 collaborative technologies, monitor conversations for reputation and crisis management, develop social media objectives and strategies for integrated communications programs, create and manage the social media communications process, identify opportunities to engage via different networks, develop content for deeper interactions with stakeholders, and use different types of measurement to gauge communications success. The class will focus on how to align strategic PR and social media programs with higher level business goals and objectives.
Course Details


Base Cost: $1,335 ($445/credit)
Term Fee: $50
Start date: May 17, 2021
End date: Jun 25, 2021
Last day to add: May 21, 2021
Last day to drop: May 21, 2021
Last day to withdraw: Jun 09, 2021