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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Actuarial Probability

MATH 536

This course is based on the first examination of the Society of Actuaries. Its content is largely dependent on that examination. Presently, it covers: calculus of a single variable (integration, differentiation, infinite series, Taylor's series etc.); calculus of several variables (Jacobians, Lagrange multipliers, double and triple integrals, etc.); probability Theory (discrete and continuous distributions, conditional probability and expectations, Bayes' rule, joint distributions, moment generating functions, the central limit theorem, etc.) The problems are drawn from old SOA examinations and most will have an insurance industry emphasis. Much of the material is a review of several courses, but this review is extensive and probably exceeds most interested students' backgrounds.
Course Details


Math 233 and Stat 515
Base Cost: $1,707 ($569/credit)
Term Fee: $50
Start date: Jul 06, 2021
End date: Aug 13, 2021
Last day to add: Jul 12, 2021
Last day to drop: Jul 12, 2021
Last day to withdraw: Jul 28, 2021
Course Notes

The Mathematics and Statistics department will require one (or more) online proctored exams during this course. Students will need to have a computer (desktop or laptop) that has a reliable internet connection and a webcam. During proctored exams students must follow proctoring rules and requirements set by the instructor for the course.