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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Seminar- Animals, Politics and the Law


Animals, Politics & the Law will provide an overview of public policy regarding the often complicated relationship between humans and non-human animals, with coverage of how relevant policy came into being, and how social change occurs. Areas of major coverage will include the various ways that non-human animals are viewed by members of society, the capacities of non-human animals, legal theories that address the status and (at times species specific) standing of non-human animals, and political initiatives that address non-human animals through legislative and regulatory means. Specific federal statutes such as the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, the Federal Meat Inspection Act and the Administrative Procedure Act will be of particular concern. It should be noted that multiple perspectives, including opposition to legal rights for animals, will be examined.
Course Details

Summer 2021

Jul 6, 2021 - Aug 13, 2021
James Ben-Aaron
Base Cost: $1,335 ($445/credit)
Term Fee: $47
Start date: Jul 06, 2021
End date: Aug 13, 2021
Last day to add: Jul 12, 2021
Last day to drop: Jul 12, 2021
Last day to withdraw: Jul 28, 2021
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