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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Special Topics- Power Spreadsheets for Business Analysts

OIM 297S

An introduction to advanced spreadsheet techniques and programming using macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel. This class will focus on automation of repetitive tasks, including data manipulation as well as data analysis. Experience with Excel is recommended. No prior programming experience expected.
Course Details

Summer 2021

May 17, 2021 - Aug 13, 2021
Kathleen Zilch
Prerequisite: OIM 210 (formerly SCH-MGMT 210)
Base Cost: $1,425 ($475/credit)
Term Fee: $47
Start date: May 17, 2021
End date: Aug 13, 2021
Last day to add: May 26, 2021
Last day to drop: May 26, 2021
Last day to withdraw: Jul 05, 2021