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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

ST-Freight and Logistics Systems


The course is focuses on mathematical and analytical tools planning and operating freight systems. The course will address aspects of transportation economics, environmental and sustainability issues, optimization, and algorithms related to logistics systems and terminals. Many aspects of the course will be treated in a way that is general to all modes. Some specific knowledge related to trucking, railroads, and maritime will be considered. Upon completing the course, students should be familiar with the main factors that drive the structure and costs of operating one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many systems. Students will become familiar with the concept of a logistic cost function and methods for improving efficiency and optimizing these systems.
Course Details

Fall 2021


CPE Class with Moodle
Sep 1, 2021 - Dec 8, 2021
Eric Gonzales
Base Cost: $1,707 ($569/credit)
Term Fee: $50
Start date: Sep 01, 2021
End date: Dec 08, 2021
Last day to add: Sep 15, 2021
Last day to drop: Sep 15, 2021
Last day to withdraw: Oct 28, 2021