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"UWW changed my life by helping me get where I am today.I am grateful that this program exists." -UWW alum

criminal justice studies

be the leader you know you can be. 

The demand for public safety and security professionals with superior education and training has never been greater. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that over 350,000 new jobs will be created in the criminal justice field in the next ten years.

At UMass UWW, you can finish your bachelor's degree online with a focus in criminal justice studies and position yourself for career advancement and success.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field of criminal justice, UMass UWW will help you develop the cutting-edge knowledge and skills you need for a successful career in high-demand professions such as public safety, the judiciary, corrections, policing, homeland security, victim services, or social services. 

And best of all, our flexible degree completion program gives you the opportunity to bring in or earn up to 105 credits for your prior coursework,  prior learning, and work & life experience. This accelerates your degree and saves you money. 

a cutting edge education in criminal justice studies. 

You will have access to a wide range of criminal justice studies courses you need, including those offered by the nationally ranked UMass Department of Sociology covering topics such as criminal forensics, race and policing, serial and mass murder, drugs, white collar crime, domestic violence, and juvenile justice. 

credit for experience. outstanding support. 

The University Without Walls (UWW) is an academic program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst designed to help adults just like you complete your first bachelor's degree online at a world-class public university. 

At UMass UWW, you can design your own program of study in criminal justice studies, bring in or earn up to 105 credits for your prior coursework, prior learning, and work & life experience, and finish your bachelor's degree online without ever having to come to campus. Or take advantage of blended or on-campus courses.

time-tested, custom-built for adults like you.

For over 45 years, UMass UWW has been serving adult students like you. We understand the daily challenges you face balancing work, family and community responsibilities, and are committed to providing flexible options and outstanding one-on-one support from your first class through graduation.

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