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"Little did I know, little did all of us know, just how unique and powerful of an educational odyssey we would be embarking on together." -UWW alum

advocacy and social justice studies

be an agent of change.

You get it. You recognize that equal access to life-sustaining resources, such as health, education, food, employment, a clean environment, legal protection from discrimination and economic opportunity is vital if society and its individuals are to thrive.

More than ever the world needs effective leaders like you who are prepared to engage with the complex social challenges that impact our communities, social institutions, health and environment, and advocate for those who are underrepresented and vulnerable to exploitation.  

At UMass UWW, you can channel your commitment to a just and equitable world into a wide range of academic fields, and earn your bachelor’s degree online with a focus in advocacy and social justice studies. 

And best of all, our flexible degree completion program gives you the opportunity to bring in or earn up to 105 credits for your prior coursework, prior learning, and life & work experience. This accelerates your degree and saves you money.

study social justice. build an impactful career. 

A degree with a focus in advocacy and social justice studies can help you advance your career in a wide range of fields, including: child advocacy, health advocacy, law, education, social justice education, government, human rights, disability rights, environmental justice, human services, criminal justice, health care, business, non-profit organizations and more. Want to go on to graduate school? Advocacy and social justice studies provides great preparation.

innovative learning opportunities. social justice studies courses you need.

At UMass UWW you will study social justice with distinguished instructors from a wide range of academic departments, including African American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Education, History, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Sociology, Sustainable Agriculture, and Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies.

You will have the opportunitiy to participate in our annual weekend social justice residency. Or take advantage of internships and independent research projects that allow you to study social justice in-depth.

a great education. credit for experience. support you deserve.

The University Without Walls (UWW) is an academic program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst designed to help adults just like you complete your first bachelor's degree online at a world-class public university.

At UMass UWW, you can design your own program of study in advocacy and social justice studies, bring in or earn up to 105 credits for your prior coursework, prior learning, and work & life experience, and finish your bachelor's degree online without ever having to come to campus. Or take advantage of blended and on-campus courses, and residencies.

time tested, custom-built for adults like you.

For over 45 years, UMass UWW has been serving adult students like you. We understand the daily challenges you face balancing work, family and community responsibilities, and are committed to providing flexible options and outstanding one-on-one support from your first class through graduation.

Contact us to learn why so many adults who study social justice choose UMass UWW.