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transfer credits

your past credit counts.  

UMass Amherst has a generous policy on transfer credits, allowing up to 75 credits from other colleges and universities no matter how long ago you took your courses. You may also be able to earn transfer credits from CLEP, DANTES, AP and SAT ll exams, professional trainings and certifications, training received in the military, and credit earned through ACE and UExcel evaluations. All active duty service members and veterans receive 3-4 academic credits for completing basic training.

transfer credits. finish your degree. 

After you submit your application materials, the UMass Office of Undergraduate Admissions will review your transcripts and use its generous criteria to decide how many of your courses will be accepted as transfer credits. To get a sense of which of your courses might be accepted as transfer credits, refer to our Quick Tips: A Guide for Selecting Transferrable Courses.


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