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A Message from Glenda Pons, Chair

UMass Women,

I would like to reflect on what we have been going through. I did not want to start by saying “In these difficult times…”, as we have been hearing it repeatedly and I'm unable to provide a solution.   I would like to acknowledge that some of us have had more difficult times than others;  from mothers working at home while attending to their family's needs, to those providing aid to a loved one who may be ill, still others assisting their aging parents, and more.  Many have had the painful experience of not being able to visit family members in the hospital or nursing home.  And, there are employees who are suffering the financial burden of having their work hours cut back, or even being laid off.  The words "fear","madness"and "unfamiliar" come to mind.  Although, I'm also reminded of "resilience".  Throughout this time, perhaps we can remind ourselves of what has been good, no matter how small.  We can bring forward terms such as "hope","friendship","family","love", and "freedom".  Yes, freedom to enjoy the good things. 

As a UWN member you will realize networking opportunities, make new friends, and lend your support to a dynamic group of like-minded, professional women.

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Please Note:  Membership is open to all UMass Amherst & Five College women employees.

Membership is now free with the support of  the UMass Employee Resource Group. Do complete the UWN Membership Form [PDF].  if interested in joinging our group.

The annual membership dues used to help  pay for three free-to-members events:

  • September Membership Kickoff
  • December Luncheon & Teacup Auction
  • June Chef's Cooking Demonstration & Social 

Lunches at other UWN events are $0.00 for members and $0.00 for non-members.   You no longer have to pay online using QuikPay.