Promoting Women's Professional and Personal Development

Come and Join us for GALentine’s Day!

Thursday, February 13, 2020
Noon - 1pm
Draper Hall, Room 122
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Come and Join us for Galentine’s Day!   A celebration of, and in support of, all women in the workforce.  (All genders are welcome to attend)

Join us for a presentation and discussion on gender inequality in the workplace. We will look at employment discrimination and sexual harassment, the wage gap, and the clustering of women in a relatively  small number of largely female occupations. We ask, what determines and constrains women’s work in the United States? How is this different for women of various minority groups? What does this mean for you and your work life? Next steps at UMass?

Brown Bag: bring your own lunch, cookies will be provided

Speaker: Clare Hammonds, Graduate Program Director,

UMass Labor Center, Lecturer from the Department of Sociology, UMass

(RSVP not required, but helpful to know how many cookies to order. Thank you!) 

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