Job Openings

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Candidates will be notified as soon as possible if they are selected for a personal interview.

Applicants for all the positions listed should include a link to relevant work in the body of the email (examples of camera work, directing, editing, etc.).

Please note: You must be a current full-time UMass undergraduate student to apply.

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Work closely with Production Coordinator and UVC staff to provide video coverage and editing of events and/or promotional videos for campus RSOs and other departments. The videographer also assists UVC members with technical advice on production and editing. This position requires the ability to work independently as well as with a team. Must be able to work with a diverse population.

Publicity Coordinator

Responsible for the overall publicizing of UVC events, activities, programming, and workshops through various means of communication including: flyers, letters, ads placed through radio spots and student media, word of mouth, the internet etc.

Web Developer

Responsible for developing, updating, and painting the UVC-TV website. Also responsible for curating UVC archive content and helping staff with adding content to the website.

Production Coordinator

Works closely with UVC staff, specifically Videographers, to produce video programming for distribution through all UVC outlets, including website, streaming and online channels. Responsible for working with and contacting all R.S.O’s requesting promotional or event coverage, assigning crew for production, and keeping UVC-TV members updated and involved. The Coordinator will also work closely with videographers to arrange and teach all studio and field production workshops.

Station Manager

Responsible for day to day management of UVC-TV19. The Station Manager should provide leadership, reliability, direction, and creativity to the station from a management perspective. Works with all UVC-TV 19 staff, and the Advisor to set and carry out the goals for the agency as well as connect with the campus and community.