Below are our offerings for workshops.

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Basic Camera

This basic camera training covers the essential functions of a Sony HDR-CX580V camera (white balance, frame rates, focusing techniques, etc.), as well as camera movement, audio recording, and tripod setup.

Basic Camera

Advanced Camera

In the Advanced Camera training session we will introduce the Sony NX5R camera. Emphasis will be placed on setting proper white balance and using various combinations of aperture, gain, and shutter speed adjustments.

The training will also cover manual audio settings, manual focusing, recording to SD cards, and other advanced techniques to create highly profesional footage.

Basic Editing

This introductory editing course brings users through the entire editing process from setting up a new project to sharing a completed video.

We'll go over the the basics of Final Cut Pro X including the general layout and file management system.

Advanced Editing

The Advanced Editing workshop covers multi-cam editing, color correction, keying, and advanced audio features.