Our new project: Coping in Quarantine

Coping UMass students share ways they are keeping busy in quarantine.


Union Video Center (UVC), part of Student Engagement, is UMass Amherst's student-run video production center. Our mission is to serve as a training facility for all facets of video production, while providing undergraduate students with a welcoming environment in which to learn.

If you'd like to find out more, feel free to contact us or stop by our office. We're currently located in Herter 101 and we're open Mondays through Fridays 11:00AM to 5:00PM.

Embedded thumbnail for Learning A New Card Game

In this sketch, the new kid on the floor attempts to bond with his neighbors by playing a friendly card game with them. The rules, are simple, he'll probably learn as he goes.

Embedded thumbnail for Improv 101

Have you ever felt an overwhelming desire to flex your creative metaphorical muscles and enroll in an improv class? No? Good, you're not missing out on anything.

***PSA: "Improv" is Latin for "unforeseen" :)***

Embedded thumbnail for Top 5 UMass Construction Sites!

Join us to rank the best construction sites on the UMass Amherst Campus!

A Top 5 list like you've never before experienced!

***PSA: These buildings will be ready in 2028 :/***

Embedded thumbnail for Zooming Intervention

One of our members has a major problem that we frankly couldn't let go unaddressed for any longer....

***PSA: The first step is admitting :)***

Embedded thumbnail for What's this guy's name again?

Oh dang, I just ran into some guy in the hallway on my way to my Math131 class, and he has started talking, and he's being super friendly and acting like we are really close, but I can't seem to recall his exact name.

Embedded thumbnail for Not very good ASMR

The only way to make money on Youtube these days is to either play minecraft or make asmr videos, and we don't have enough in the budget to buy a copy of minecraft.

***PSA: "Nobody tingled" :(***

Embedded thumbnail for Student Union Topping Off Ceremony

Student Union Topping Off Ceremony
Campus Center Concourse
Wednesday, December 11,2019

Embedded thumbnail for WMUA Battle of the Band

2019 WMUA Battle of the Band

Embedded thumbnail for Yak Back Movie Pitches

Yak Back Corporate is here?! Careers on the line, the Yak Back crew has to throw together on-the-spot movie pitches based on a card game.

***PSA: That's a total of 14 Kramers, if you do the math :D***

Embedded thumbnail for Yak Back! Room Review - Dylan

We had really high expectations for Dylan's room. After all, he's a pretty clean cut guy; he watches what he eats, combs his hair, etc. But... His room is directly from the 7th circle of hell.

***PSA: The soap tasted yucky :(***

Embedded thumbnail for Yak Back! Room Review - Sophie

Sophie begrudgingly agreed to let us come and film in her room for this one. And after this one, I don't think we'll be getting another invite anytime soon.

***PSA: my hands, were in fact, oily :(***

Embedded thumbnail for Yak Back! Room Review - Sam

We've taken the long hike up to no man's land for this room review. Is Sam Huntley's dorm as quirky as he is? Yes.

***PSA: Packing peanuts are toxic :(***

Embedded thumbnail for Eight Ball: A Yak Back! Halloween

In this spooky episode conceived by, written, directed, starring, and edited by Sam, we begin to realize that he's really the only important member of the creative process after all. Kappa.

***PSA: "Reply hazy. Try again later" :0***

Embedded thumbnail for Yak Back! Photoshop Battle

In this one folks, we're facing off, and (SPOILER ALERT) things are going to get heated. Also, letting the rest of the group pick the photos for us was definitely not a good idea.

***PSA: That Polaroid sweatshirt was soft :)***