Fall Updates

Committee Updates

Working groups took center stage during the summer months. The first few meetings of the academic year were dedicated to getting subcommittees up to speed on activity of their working groups and discussing priorities for 2017. Now past the foundational work of the first year, subcommittees are looking to accelerate their efforts and make meaningful recommendations to the UTAC Executive Committee.

Housing - The housing subcommittee has met twice since the beginning of the semester. In October, Mollye Lockwood, Vice President of W.D. Cowls Land Company, presented to the group on North Amherst’s Mill District plans. Committee members got to know more about the proposed mixed-use site and discussed how the development might complement future UTAC Housing recommendations.

In November, the group revisited the four sites in the 2013 U3 Advisors report.  They discussed each area in detail and incorporated additional information into the original Site Evaluation matrix of the four sites (the Gateway (North Pleasant Street), University Drive, North Village, and Mass. Avenue). The group is interested in making a recommendation to the UTAC Executive Committee on site selection and building program in the next few months.

Economic Development - At the October meeting of the Economic Development subcommittee, UTAC staff presented a UTAC scorecard for discussion. The scorecard is meant to highlight the work that the collaborative has undertaken both in the U3 Advisors report and other topics that have become subcommittee priorities. The scorecard was meant to show the progress of completed, short-term, and long-term efforts related to UTAC.

The committee voted to meet bi-monthly. There is interest in a joint subcommittee meeting between Housing and Economic Development. At the next meeting, the subcommittee is to develop their priorities for the upcoming year.

Culture - The Culture committee met in October. Drawing from ideas from the Campus and Community Coalition event of October 18: “Visioning a Safe and Vibrant Nightlife,” the group will look to create a list of 3 actionable initiatives for 2016-17. They will meet again later this month.