The idea behind The Street Tree Electronic Management System (STEMS) system was to design a tree maintenance and management software application that could be distributed to arborists, tree managers, city foresters and consultants at no cost via the internet, and have it packaged as a stand alone program, requiring the purchase of no additional computer software.
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STEMS Installation & User's Manual

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Components of STEMS

The STEMS software program is designed to operate on a Windows® personal computer, running Windows 95 or greater. No additional software is needed to program. It uses a simple graphic interface that enables novice users to fully utilize the complete extent of the tree management software's features. The STEMS software is fully integrated with the Mobile Community Tree Inventory (MCTI) software. Additional information on the MCTI software can be obtained at

Complaint/Work Request
This component of the software allows users to register and track maintenance requests received by an agency or municipality. Initial telephone requests or department work assignments are noted and tracked in this module of the software.

Work Orders
The generation of work orders, including assignment of personnel and equipment is completed in this section of the software package. Estimation of project time, personnel costs and work order scheduling is easily calculated using a simple single screen interface. Actual Work Orders are created, and include a bar-code system for entry of completed work assignments.


Compiling tabular and graphic reports, related to work requests, work orders, scheduling and personnel costs are easily completed in this STEMS module. Using a variety of sorting and filtering criteria, it is possible to easily track and display tree maintenance operations in a community.

MCTI Integration
Users of the MCTI inventory software will find the STEMS package a logical next step in tree management and work planning. The STEMS software works with existing MCTI databases to allow complete updating of tree evaluation criteria, following maintenance operations. In this manner the STEMS and MCTI software work together to fully integrate inventory and maitenance activity.

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