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January 27, 2004


FY2004 UCF Budget 
In order to meet the appropriations caps established by congressional leadership, the Appropriations Committee on Interior and Related Agencies was forced to apply an across the board rescission, amounting to a reduction of 1.21% of agency funding. Total amount appropriated for UCF in FY2004 is reduced to nearly $34.875 million. In FY2001, $35.7 million was received.

Congress has directed the Forest Service to present to the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations by April 1, 2004, a report describing the current allocation methodology and one or more alternative methodologies that focus additional emphasis on program performance. The formulae used to distribute funds to each state is under revision.

Watershed Forestry Assistance Program Signed into Law
Watershed Forestry Assistance Program (WFAP) has been created in the Forest Service. The WFAP includes two major components familiar to the state/federal partnership: Increasing the provision of technical watershed expertise, and Information to enhance watershed management on rural and urban forest lands.




The federal government has launched a new web site containing information about finding and applying for all federal grant programs. The web site, http://www.grants.gov, is a centralized, online process to find and apply for over 900 grant programs from the 26 Federal agencies.


EPA Offers Environmental Education Grants - Deadline: February 2004
The Grant Program sponsored by EPA's Office of Environmental Education supports environmental education projects that enhance the public's awareness, knowledge, and skills to make informed decisions that affect environmental quality. http://www.epa.gov/enviroed/grants.html

Environmental Restoration Program - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Deadline: None
The objective of Section 1135 and 206 of the Water Resource Development Act of 1986 provides authority to restore degraded ecosystem structure, function, and processes that provide a more natural condition, including restoration activities. http://www.hecsa.usace.army.mil/pubactv.html

Five-Star Restoration Program - Deadline: March
The Five-Star Restoration Program provides modest financial assistance on a competitive basis to support community-based wetland, riparian, and coastal habitat restoration projects that build diverse partnerships and foster local natural resource stewardship through education, outreach, and training activities. Learn more at http://nfwf.org/programs/5star-rfp.htm.

Philanthropic Information
Non-profits may find information on this site to you and partners. http://philanthropy.com.



Hazard Tree Rating
The Northeast Center for Urban and Community Forestry has completed the development of a Pocket PC application and PC desktop component that can be used to assist in rating hazard trees. ftp://ftp2.fs.fed.us/incoming/ne/bloniarz/hazard_pda/. Read about the Hazard assessment protocol, on which the application is based, please take a look at the last page of the article, "Prioritizing Risk Trees in a Community" which can be found at http://www.umass.edu/urbantree/publications/index.html

Tree Emergency Plan Worksheet

A tool for communities that outlined the many things that need to be in order and available in the event of a disaster. www.na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/uf/utrmm

Tree Care Information at Your Fingertips
Did you know that ISA's tree-care consumer information brochures can be used for preparing newsletter articles, press releases, and presentations? There are now 18 different titles and they can be accessed through the ISA at www.treesaregood.com.

Shigo On-Line
New CD set by Dr Alex L. Shigo http://www.chesco.com/~treeman/CDS1.html, and Techno Tree Biology Dictionary Free

USDA Releases First Annual Natural Resources Inventory
The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has released its first annual National Resources Inventory (NRI). The NRI provides comprehensive and reliable information on various natural resource conditions and trends on non-federal lands, such as soil erosion, land use, urbanization and development. http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/technical/NRI/1997/obtain_data.html

Management Planning Tool
Available on-line: A basic "Guide to Completing a Street and Park Tree Management Plan." The publication summarizes materials from the Forest Service and the NADF http://www.umass.edu/urbantree/mgtplanwithguide.shtml /



"Urban Tree Risk Management: A Community Guide to Program Design and Implementation" is now on-line at www.na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/uf/utrmm This fully-illustrated, easy to read, training manual is designed to improve public safety and protect tree health by assisting communities to design, adopt, and implement tree-risk management programs; and training field staff to detect, assess, and correct hazardous defects in urban trees.

Urban Forestry Factsheets On-line
A series of U&CF fact sheets developed by Cornell Extension following ice storms in western New York state, have been updated by the Davey Resource Group and the Forest Service Northeast Center for U&CF, and links have been added, connecting the reader to additional resources. http://www.umass.edu/urbantree/factsheets

Fact Sheets: Why invest in Trees?
The Massachusetts Urban Forestry Program has a number of fact sheets at their web site on various community tree issues including "Why Invest in City / Town Trees" at www.state.ma.us/dem/programs/forestry/urban/WhyInvest-0301.pdf.

A Guide to Greening Neighborhoods, Creating and Caring for Community Open Space
A great free resource for community groups, non-profits, and governmental agencies! "A Guide to Greening Neighborhoods: " is an easy to read handbook that focuses on greening projects. www.parksandpeople.org/programs_great_parks.html.

Community Culture and the Environment: Guide to Understanding a Community's Sense of Place
(EPA) has developed this compilation of tools and methods designed to provide leaders in the environmental field a means for better understanding community values and processes. http://www.epa.gov/ecocommunity/pdf/ccecomplete.pdf

Mid-Atlantic Library Database
This Database is designed to provide a fairly comprehensive listing of books, articles, factsheets, brochures, videos, and other publications produced by partners in the Mid-Atlantic area. efforts. http://na.fs.fed.us/wv/urban/

Marketing Urban Forestry
The Western Center for Urban Research has a well done marketing publication called ""Planting the Seeds of Success, Marketing the Community Forest" It can be down-loaded as a pdf at: http://wcufre.ucdavis.edu/products/1/cufr_161.pdf.

Harvesting Urban Timber
The first text-reference manual deals with the new aspect of looking at urban forest tree removals as new assets in lieu of the historic viewpoint. http://www.harvestingurbantimber.com/book.html.

Reducing Tree Root Damage
"Reducing Infrastructure Damage by Tree Roots: A Compendium of Strategies" is now available to help you with your tree root problems. You can obtain a copy from the Western Chapter ISA at 530-892-1118 or through their website at www.wcisa.net

City Park Management Practices
The Trust for Public Land (TPL) has released a report on the nation's park systems, "The Excellent City Park System: What Makes It Great, and How to Get There." http://www.lgean.org/html/whatsnew.cfm?id=611

Tree Risk Management
"Urban Tree Risk Management: A Community Guide to Program Design and Implementation" is now on-line! http://www.na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/uf/utrmm/. This fully-illustrated, easy to read, training manual is designed to improve public safety and protect tree health by assisting communities to design, adopt, and implement tree risk management programs.

Community Tree Planting Guide
The following URL links to a USDA Forest Service publications in the Northeast. The 10th item on the list is from the Tree Trust in Minnesota -- The Community Tree Planting Guide. http://www.na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/misc.htm.

Bare Root Tree Planting Methods
Cornell Urban Horticulture Institute has method, guidelines, training materials, etc, available online at http://www.hort.cornell.edu/department/faculty/bassuk/uhi/BAREROOT.PDF.

"Landscape Tree Factsheets," the new title of the Third Edition of the former "Street Tree Factsheets" is now available from the Penn. State University , $30.00, shipping included. Call toll-free 877-345-0691, for Visa or MasterCard orders.

How Cities Use Parks for Green Infrastructure
The American Planning Association document can be found at http://www.greeninfrastructure.net/?article=2073.



Kids Perspective of Urban Forests
A new interactive CD-ROM titled "The Forest Where Ashley Lives" is now available from Iowa State University Extension. The CD contains a version for teachers and students: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/Publications/PM1812.pdf

Urban Forestry Laboratory Exercises for middle/high school students: http://www.na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/uf/lab_exercises/cover.htm

Planting Trees in Your Community Forest
This easy-to-read 40-page publication produced by Penn State Uni. is a primer on the importance of trees in the community. It includes tree-related puzzles, projects, and activities for 9- to 109-year-olds. http://pubs.cas.psu.edu/FreePubs/uh125.html



www.treelink.org The urban forestry website for almost everything.

http://www.oasisnyc.net/ - OASIS (Open Accessible Space Information System) is a one-stop, interactive mapping resource to enhance the stewardship of open space for the benefit of all New York City residents.

Vacant Land Management
Check out the Pennsylvanian Horticultural Society for excellent information on managing vacant land in cities: www.pennsylvaniahorticulturalsociety.org.

Wood Chip Innovation
www.MyFreeChips.com is a brand new website that is an easy to use locator of people who want wood chips, firewood, tree removal, tree pruning, and general tree care.

U.S. Cities on-line
Covers over 2600 US cities with detailed information on demographics http://www.ersys.com/index.htm

More News From Space
NASA Sprawl Images that live and breathe: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2002/11oct_sprawl.htm?list783672

USDA Plant Hardiness Map
The new March 2003 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is available on line.
http://www.ahs.org/pdfs/USDA_Map_3.03.pdf (Map loads slowly)

Urban Forestry: Benefits and Drawbacks of City Trees - http://cufr.ucdavis.edu/index.html

New Green Infrastructure Website
The partnerships has recast the website (http://www.greeninfrastructure.net). It's fast, easy to navigate, and still full of information. The site is organized by geographic region, which makes the examples more relevant.

Project for Public Spaces
Project for Public Spaces is dedicated to creating and sustaining public spaces that build communities. The site contains a number of best practices information on such places as parks, plazas, streets, public buildings. http://www.pps.org/

Adding Green to the Top of the City
Green roofs are one potential option for adding green surfaces back into dense urbanized landscape where there are often few other options left. Check out: www.greenroofs.com or www.communityresources.org/greenroof.html

Parking Lot Design
This site contains design specs for Parking Lot shading and Storm water retention design. http://www.cityofsacramento.org/planning/longrange/shading_guide.pdf

ISA Launches Spanish Language Website
ublications available for purchase in Spanish and links to documents in Spanish. The address is www.ISAHispana.com


John Parry, USDA Forest Service, Durham, NH (603) 868-7688, e-mail: jparry@fs.fed.us, http://www.fs.fed.us/na/durham/


David V. Bloniarz, USDA Forest Service, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA (413) 545-3755, e-mail: urbantree@forwild.umass.edu, www.umass.edu/urbantree/


Matt Arnn, OASIS, (212) 264-8000 x3134, marnn@fs.fed.us, www.oasisnyc.net