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The Northeast Center for Urban and Community Forestry is a cooperative partnership among the USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry, the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, and the seven states of New England and New York. The Center responds to Urban and Community Forestry needs, facilitates and supports new and existing research, and coordinates the exchange of information among the states in the region in order to contribute to healthy and sustainable communities. 

Working with professionals, community groups, state, federal, and local governments, and other organizations, the Center is providing a regional voice for urban forestry initiatives in the Northeast. Two other regional centers are located in St. Paul, Minnesota and at Keystone College, Pennsylvania. 

 STEMS - Street Tree Electronic Management System Software 

Center Background

The Goals and Mission of the Northeast Center are detailed and provide a look at the vision and focus of the work of the Center. Project descriptions including: current projects, project profiles of completed projects, and plans for future projects can be found on the Projects page.

  • Assist state Urban and Community Forestry programs by focusing on common information needs, services, and research.
  • Provide a point of access for research, information and technology relating to urban and rural communities.
  • Foster community participation and volunteerism in the stewardship of healthy sustainable communities.
  • Support partnerships among Federal, State, and local officials, green industry and utility professionals and volunteer groups.
  • Maintain close working relationships with the other Urban & Community Forestry Centers.
  • Use existing resources in New England/New York such as the New Hampshire Urban Forestry Center, and the Maine Arboretum, where feasible, to enhance program delivery.
  • Address the full-range of economic, social, and demographic diversity that exists in New England/New York. Replicate successful programs and initiatives around the New England/New York area.

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