Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

What We Do

The Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) team provides strategic consulting and tactical communications assistance to the following groups on campus:

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Academic departments
  • Administrative Units

Flagship360: UMass’s Enterprise level Constituent Relationship Management system

The CRM team provides operational leadership for Flagship360. Flagship360 is an initiative led by University Relations and Information Technology to create a full spectrum understanding of our constituents in order to build authentic relationships throughout their entire lifecycle.

Salesforce is the core platform for Flagship360. This is the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system that maintains data of all university contacts and records the relationships and interactions these contacts have with UMass Amherst.

Marketing Cloud is the mass digital communications platform within Flagship360 that enables us to effectively target and engage specific audiences through email and SMS.

This flexible technology facilitates several functions including recruitment of new online students, case management and mass digital communications. It is important to note that Flagship360 is more than a technology platform: it is also the people, support, governance, processes and policies that make the technology functional, effective, and secure.

Student Recruitment Strategy & Tactics

Flagship360 enables online programs to provide individualized experiences for their prospective students, optimize lead management and interactions with prospective students. We also develop integrated marketing solutions in partnership with school/college programs from media planning and buying to the communications sent to accepted students.

Data Analysis

Flagship360 reports and dashboards can help program managers monitor and optimize enrollment and measure the return on investment for marketing activities. Our team can assist with the creation of, training in, and expertise in analyzing and reviewing the data.

Communications Strategy

We collaborate with communicators across campus to provide best in class mass communications to engage students, faculty, staff, community members and/or prospective students. We provide data driven guidance on how to best deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.
Marketing Cloud is UMass Amherst's primary digital communications platform for official campus communications. Campus communicators may use this powerful tool to create and send targeted, mass communications messages such as newsletters. Our team can assess specific a school/college/unit’s business objectives to determine the right approach for communications and  if Marketing Cloud is the appropriate tool. Training is required for licensure. Click here to request a Marketing Cloud license and communications assessment. For more information about the different communications tools offered by UMass Amherst IT see Marketing Cloud vs. Google Groups vs. Microsoft Teams.

Managed Communications

For those groups across campus who do not have a designated communicator or who may not be good candidates for Marketing Cloud, we can assist with targeting the specific audience segment, execute mass email messages and provide metrics around email performance. Email to request an email send.


Chris Pilsner
Chief Relationship Officer
(413) 545-5603